Dress your table with some serious Parisian style using iconic cutlery and serveware from Sabre Paris, a brand which effortlessly fuses simplicity and innovation to create a stunning range which just oozes contemporary charm.

Sabre cutlery is known for its quality, functionality and decorative effect and is certainly the most diverse and decorative of its kind. With numerous types of cutlery available from tiny mocha spoons to large salad servers, every style is available in every range.

Many of the styles such as the most popular White Dots come in a variety of different colour variations. Some customers like to stick to their chosen colour, others like to mix and match across the different colour ways.

Some of the ranges are more appropriate for summer dining such as the Daisy others are more suited to compliment a specific colour that is perhaps being used elsewhere on the table, such as the Lapis Blue Natura.

The scope of the collection is vast and thankfully we stock a huge quantity of cutlery in both our Home & Gift Store as well as for However if there is something you need us to source for you please don’t hesitate to contact us as we can source the entire Sabre Catalogue.

More about Sabre

Sabre cutlery is known for its quality, its functionality and its decorative effect thanks to the beautiful form and the large range of available colours. All the metal parts are in 100% stainless steel 18/10. Sold individually, sets or in a beautiful 24-pieces box sabre cutlery is dishwasher safe, will not oxidize and is highly resistant to corrosion.

The assortment of pieces available is large, ranging from salad servers, vegetable peelers to gorgeous small knife, fork & spoon sets perfect for children.

The story of Sabre begins 12 years ago when husband and wife founders Pascale and Francis Gelb had an idea to add decoration to the handles of knives, forks and spoons.

From this they have succeeded in creating a style which is very much their hallmark; offering the possibility of pleasure at the table day after day. Starting from the top everyone at Sabre has their own unique abilities and their own individual responsibilities.

Pascale Gelb looks after design, product development and the Sabre retail boutiques. Pascale gets her inspiration for designing the ranges from anything and everything! Fashion, fabrics, materials, places, people, a bag, a shoe buckle, life and its wildest, wisest desires, daily life and its needs. The outcome is often a combination of many things.

Pascale has had an eclectic career, always linked to beauty and her early experience in the cosmetics industry has given her broader exposure to creating fashionable tableware.

Francis Gelb oversees the management side of the company - finance and production. Francis organizes manufacturing and the complex tasks of supplies. Francis began his career in a family business concentrating on the manufacturing of tableware. With this in mind you can see how these two personalities have combined to create a product range which is cheerful, functional, warm and traditional.