MOVA's innovative technology uses ambient light and the Earth's magnetic field to power perpetually revolving globes, without the need for a battery or mains electricity. MOVA globes are 90% handmade, using only the highest quality materials. With a range of photographic and artistic designs across three different sized globes, the MOVA collection is diverse and highly collectible.

If you need a gift which is different to all others, then start with MOVA Globes. These globes are new and innovative products and are extremely popular. The globes quietly come to life, turning independently when touched by light, without any wires or batteries.

They are actually made of two globes, one inside another. The outer clear globe surrounds the internal decorated globe within, with liquid separating the two. The internal globe floats at a point of perfect balance between buoyant forces and gravitational forces, and slowly turns as it feels the force of the earth’s magnetic field and the energy carried in light. Its perpetual, quiet motion brings a tranquil point of focus to any room.

Ideal for the technically minded, the MOVA globe is also suitable for those with an interest in geography or astrology. The MOVA globe really is a magical item that will impress any mantelpiece or area of the house which is exposed to natural or artificial light.

More about MOVA

The MOVA collection includes a range of world globes, star constellations and planets that gently turn using solar energy and the earth’s magnetic field. No batteries or wires are required. Simply place the MOVA globe on its stand and it will come to life. It turns whenever it is exposed to natural or artificial light.

The MOVA® globe floats at a perfect point of balance between gravitational forces and buoyant forces of the surrounding fluids. Carefully designed to operate in complete silence, the MOVA® globe turns at a peaceful and tranquil pace. The MOVA® globe creates the perfect focal point for any room or office.

MOVA have united highly technological concepts with intrinsic design, creating a product that is both intellectual and intrinsically beautiful. Have the world at your fingertips rotating in continuous motion. The inner globe graphic lies a quarter of an inch below the outer shell, but the fluid between the two magnifies the inner globe to give the impression of the surface appearing on the outer shell. The inner globe floats in an almost friction-free environment.

The energy to overcome the fluid friction is provided by natural or artificial light that passes through the design and is incident on specialized solar cells within the globe. An electric current provided by the cells powers a drive mechanism designed to move at low speed using very little power.

The earth’s magnetic field pushes against the drive mechanism much in the same way as it pushes against a compass needle to move it towards alignment.

These globes are available in several sizes and many different finishes. Choose from Political with geographical locations, Antique - reminiscent of classical maps of the world - Satellite - displaying the world as seen from space - and Planets.